"There's nothing wrong with 90% of strategy papers - it's the execution that fails."

Andrew Jennings, Global Retail Advisor and Board Member,formerly CEO of Karstadt, Woolworths RSA, Holt Renfrew, House of Fraser

Companies do not usually fail because of bad strategies. They fail because of an inability to implement good ones.

In the last few years, the ability to achieve execution excellence has become even harder due to a number of macro trends ranging from complexity to technology to trust.

I work with ambitious organisations to realise business plans, drive growth, generate revenues and create a result oriented culture.

I assist in executing Organisation Structures enhancements, Sales strategies, building related Capacities, Workflows, Technology and Infrastructure, Communications & Financial models.

Make strategy execution a primary focus, not an afterthought.

Business Plan Execution /

A company's capacity to quickly and effectively execute business strategy is, in itself, a competitive differentiator, one that is highly correlated with positive market performance. But this ability isn't common and very few organizations are highly effective at executing strategy.

One of the key reasons for this is the over emphasis on the business idea itself and putting into place the required systems and processes that can lead to an efficient delivery. However - sound execution of a business plan goes beyond just systems and processes and must take into account the additional interrelated elements: Market, Culture, Leadership, Talent and Communication.

Project Plan Execution /

The purpose of a project is to advance one or more business objectives. Most projects start out closely aligned with these objectives, but gaps inevitably appear. Projects drift and business objectives change and evolve. Without redirection, projects and deliverables end up failing to meet expectations.

Delayed projects wreak havoc, delaying the time at which a company can start reaping business benefits, thwarting precise payback period calculations and disrupting the long term return on investment. Ultimately, every project generates deliverables that the company uses to derive business value. When those deliverables arrive late or are incomplete, the business loses opportunities - whether to earn revenues, acquire customers or perhaps fix a problem.

Communications & Events /

What good is a sound business strategy if your people don't get it? It has been found that strategic clarity accounts for 31% of the difference between high and low performing companies. To excel in the market, companies must be able to turn great strategy into great performance.

The first key to this is to create and communicate strategy that is very clear, not ambiguous. It is up to company leaders to ruthlessly clarify and effectively articulate the organization's business strategy - where the company is going, why that direction is important and the specific path to get there. A strategy that has been effectively communicated is one that is understood, believable and actionable throughout the organization.

Initiatives Executed

Over the past two decades - I have executed various small and large initiatives across the country with various organisations that I have been associated with; that have resulted in the creation of robust multi-location organizational structures, pan India service and support networks, realization of multi-million dollar revenue opportunities, technology integration and implementation, execution of leadership programs, corporate events, etc. A few of these are highlighted below.


Arguably the worlds largest Smart Card based Retail Automation System. 4000+ Outlets. 4 Million+ Users.


A Delhi Govt. initiative supported by the World Bank - Converging the delivery of State Welfare Services to the underprivileged.


To verify access to the state social security & other welfare schemes.


Ensures disbursal of items to actual beneficiaries at the specified prices. An additional check against misuse & mismanagement at 'fair price shops' of the Government.


Defined the implementation mechanism for utilising FI for also disbursing the various cash based welfare benefits provided by the state.


Empowering the citizens thru Convergence of the state welfare programs.


Smart card based driving licences - awarded on BOOT model. Projects are running in multiple states running into millions of smart cards.


Smart card based registration certification eliminate the possibility of manipulation. Projects running in multiple states.


Enabled the TTE's with electronic terminals to manage all ticket related checking and issuing requirements.


Multiple projects in the Healthcare vertical - rght from specialised software of Doctors and Path Labs - to the Armed Forces ECHS scheme to the RSBY Transaction Management System.


Provide information on fields, soil, crop control, past performance, loans taken etc for use of identification, verification, planning and policy decision.


The largest Art, Craft and Design virtual marketplace with provision of auctions.


Secure and biometrics authenticated access control to various facilities.


Management of clubs, their members, various facilities, membership programs & payment systems.


An innovative portal that enables the residents to come together and interact with one another, exchange views and ideas and discuss issues.


Ensuring the Physical & Emotional well being of a school child - using workshops as well as technology.


Internal Communication and Social Networking platform for corporates.


A solution aimed towards building customer Satisfaction leading to long term loyalty through effective personalised relationship management.

Delivery Vehicles

Executing Business Plans, Project Plans and Communication plans requires a team with the right experience and expertise. The following Setups are used to execute the different aspects of a client's requirements.

SmartTECH Consulting Group

Internet Of Things

e-Commerce Platform

Responsive Websites

CREX Media & Events Pvt. Ltd.

Jamboree - Celebrating Music

Communications & Events

Snapshots of a few of these inititives that have been executed.


Harnessing the power of Internet Of Things in the Rural Sector

~ An Indian Perspective.

A few current & past associations

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