Ajay Mahajan

Management & Technology Consultant

Concept Sales & Project Management for Large Innovative Projects. Leveraging Technology to Become a Game Changer.

IoT / Smart Cards / Micro Finance / ID & Payments / eGovernance Transformation / Development Sector / CSR Advisory.



PENUKONDA - AP. It is clear that with an incoming investment in excess of USD 3Bn and an advent of more than a hundred companies - a new township is emerging around the new KIA Motors Automobile Manufacturing Facility.

There is a need for a range of facilities and services to cater to the emerging requirements of the township. This is not a simple process but a far more complicated one with a set of requirements that are all interconnected and which would throw up new challenges as we move onwards towards its development.

THE ONE GROUP addresses some of the basic problems related to infrastructure, facilities and services thru integrated solutions as well as providing services that cater to the regular needs of companies as well as individuals coming in to a new smart township.

It also offers Trade & Development related Commercial Services to the various Ancilaries that are coming into the new Township. Apart from that we are also setting up various Facilities that will be required by the residents of the township and are offering various Services in association with our partners.

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Companies do not usually fail because of bad strategies. They fail because of an inability to implement good ones. In the last few years, the ability to achieve execution excellence has become even harder due to a number of macro trends ranging from complexity to technology to trust.

I work with ambitious organisations to
      -  Realise Business Plans,
      -  Generate Revenues,
      -  Drive Growth,and
      -  Create a Result Oriented Culture.

I assist growing organisations in
      -  Executing Organisation Structure Enhancements,
      -  Sales, Marketing, & Communication Strategies
      -  Capacities Building & Workflows,
      -  Technology and Infrastructure Development,
      -  Creating Financial Business Models.


  • Smart Cards based Projects
  • Project Management
  • Project Financial Modelling
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Sales & Marketing Plans
  • Business Plan Execution
  • Project Plan Execution
  • IT & Security Consulting


  • Transport
  • Micro Finance & Banking
  • Financial Inclusion
  • eGovernance
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Development Sector
  • NGO's & Not For Profits


  • Successfully architected and deployed more than 40 Statewide / Nationwide projects across multiple domains.
  • Conceptualised, Designed, Built and Implemented the World's Largest Retail Store Automation Project using Smart Cards covering 4000+ locations and all serving and retired Indian Defense Services personnel and their families.
  • Led many other major Smart Card projects such as the Gujarat Driving License (Worlds first Biometric enabled Smart card based DL), Madhya Pradesh Transport System, Goa Social Security Card, Sikkim transport, Gujarat Fishermen ID, Opium Cultivators project, etc which were pioneering projects of their kinds and were the first to use Biometrics for ID of the common man.
  • As the Technology Consultant for the Delhi Government from World Bank; I have architected a convergence framework that streamlines the delivery of State Welfare benefits to the underprivileged.
  • Part of the core technology team constituted by the Registrar General of India (RGI) for defining the smart card technology solutions for the MNIC National ID card.
  • Part of the core technology team constituted by NIC for defining the SCOSTA OS specifications.
  • Member of the International Jury for the Sesame Awards - CARTES-2014 Paris, CARTES-2013 Paris, CARTES-2012 Asia, CARTES-2012 Paris - the most prestigious Smart Card show worldwide.
  • Besides this, have also been instrumental in setting up a country-wide network of alliances and project operations offices for these projects.
  • Am also the Owner / Moderator of the Largest Smart Cards Group on LinkedIn which has more than 10,000 Smart Card professionals from around the world as members.


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... +91 98711 52277 / ajm@ajaymahajan.in ...

As a part of my various engagements - there is a constant need to collaborate, synergise and explore new products, solutions and services that can be offered to potential customers. Since the projects that i work on are normally quite large with a lot of partners and suppliers coming with their products and expertise - we all benefit from larger customer engagements and cross referrals.

For the currently Active Projects - I have the following immediate requirements. Am actively looking at Product Suppliers & Solution Providers (Transfer Pricing Model) or JV Partners (Revenue Sharing Model)

Product / Solutions Suppliers / Partners
      -  Security & Access Control
      -  Office Automation
      -  Office Appliances
      -  Office Furniture
      -  Lighting Solutions
      -  Office Stationery
      -  Office Housekeeping Supplies
      -  Food Products

Services Suppliers / Partners
      -  IT Products & Solutions
      -  Facility Management Services
      -  Recruitment & Skilling
      -  Travel Services,
      -  Event Management Services





















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